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How I paid off $304k of debt in just 5 years, 
quit my 9-5, and reached financial freedom!

It was 6 years ago when my wife & I looked at each other & noticed we had $304k in total debt.  We didn’t have any words…It was devastating!  

Everything we have been told to date seemed like a lie.  We were fresh out of college & recently married with new jobs. To most on the outside, we  were doing “great.”  But we had a much bigger vision than to be straddled with debt our entire life.  

We not only wanted to be debt free but have control of our entire life.  

We took action!  We created  a budget, balance sheet and amortization schedules for our situation.

We faced the problem head on by creating a full financial plan.  And 5 years later…boom!  We were debt free including the home & I quit my 9-5But it wasn’t always like that

We were not in a position to do what we are doing now 6 years ago. But with intentionality and a financial plan, we began crushing our goals! Some of you may be reading this thinking “if only X happened, I would be (fill in the blank).” 

The truth is I know what X is…X is a financial plan that fits your situation to achieve your goals.  What happened to us was so transforming that I had to share it with you. It is time for me to help you do the same thing I did & more!

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