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Who It's For:
Budgetdog Bundle is for you if you’re someone that wants to begin their investor journey and has no idea where to begin.

You do NOT need to be an expert in investing, finance, portfolio allocation or tax strategy. You simply need to educate and put the time in. With the Budgetdog Bundle, I show you just how easy investing is with practical portfolio examples, easy to understand investment frameworks, and the optimal tax strategy for your investments. The only way you fail is if YOU do not do the work.
What It Helps You Achieve:
Budgetdog Bundle will help you achieve the following:
  • Master the education behind investing
  • Have an investment framework that lasts a lifetime
  • Feel confident investing and selecting your own investments 
  • ​Achieve all of your personal goals
What STUDENTS are saying:
How It Works:

Budgetdog Bundle gives you everything you need to achieve results:

  • Investing 101 Ebook: provides education, frameworks & practical models to apply to your situation
  • 401k Ebook: deep dive into 401ks to maximize the gains that you want to see
  • Index Fund Crash Course: 25 minute video course to deep dive into index fund and ETF investing
  • Investing Glossary: breaks down the complicated investing jargon in layman's terms
  • Crypto Beginners Guide: teaches you how to strategically add crypto allocation to your portfolio in a professional way if you deem fit (NOT REQUIRED!) 
  • ​Crypto Checklist: ensure you have your foundation set before you consider adding crypto into the mix - you know my style by now 😉 
  • End Goal: to set up your automated investment plan that takes you NO TIME with extreme confidence and clarity to reach all of your goals
  • ​​BONUS: Debt Payoff Calculator: excel tools to lock in your debt pay down (in case it is holding you back from investing!
How To Get Started:
If you want to have confidence with your investments and need the resources, tools, and knowledge to do so...check out the Budgetdog Bundle for the same cost of one night out at the bar!

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